“With her taste and trained eyes, decorating is like taking
a journey around the world and bringing home whatever beautiful odds
and ends that her eyes admire”

Prestige Thailand, June 2008

“For a business leader or an artist, YING speaks like a lawyer,
laying down foundations upon which to build arguments. It’s tenet of her identity, where she eschews taking the common view, and opts for common sense.”

Prestige Thailand, April 2015

“KANTALUK “YING” HONGLADAROM is renowned for her superb taste,
and it is reflected inside and out in this stunning new project (The Diplomat 39)”

Francois Oosthuizen (Managing Editor of Prestige Thailand)

“Kantaluk’s eye for tasteful décor is reflected in every detail —
from ornate patterned wallpaper to lush materials and pieces of art
and antiques hand-picked by the lady herself”

Thailand Tatler, November 2018

“Kantaluk personifies Coco Chanel’s maxim that
a girl should be classy and fabulous”,

Thailand Tatler, November 2018